INVESTIGATION: MacDonald Farm, Bartibog, NB

 MacDonald Farm Historic Site - during daytime.

MacDonald Farm Historic Site – during daytime.

The following is an account which includes a collection of personal photographs by the author of this website. The photos were taken on the evening of August 14th, 2004 but have been unpublished before this. In honour of Hallowe’en, I am rolling them out and offering them for your judgement.

I’m not a big supporter of ghost orb photos because they are so easily explained by simple things such as dust particles or lense flare. What gives these photos more credibility, in my opinion, are the progression you can see between shots.

MacDonald Farm is a restored, stone Georgian farmhouse which dates to about 1820. The builder was Alexander MacDonald who had been born in Scotland and moved to North America during the American Revolutionary period, eventually arriving to settle in Bartibog, New Brunswick, along the Miramichi River. If I recall correctly, he and his wife raised close to a dozen children in this house.

I am unaware of specific reports of hauntings or strange activity on the farm. As far as historical points of interest go, I believe hearing at one time that one of the children, a young boy, suffered a dramatic and premature death on the premises when lightning struck the house. It travelled down the chimney and formed into ball lightning which then struck the boy, killing him.

MacDonald Farm now has a visitor’s information centre along the highway but to access the farm itself, you have to hike a short distance through a woods road. It was dusk when we went in and pitch black when we came out. Myself and one other companion were in to visit a friend who was there enjoying an encampment for his historical reenactment group. Three of them were staying the night and the tents you may see in the photos were theirs.

[Click on the photos to see enlarged versions.]

[Click on the photos to see enlarged versions.]

The first photo was taken at 8:48 p.m. as we cleared the woods, having taken a slightly incorrect path due to the encroaching darkness. We exited the treeline along the tall grass which led down to a marsh. The photo above seems to show the first of the orbs. I was initially tempted to pass it off as the result of mist, but the following two photos made me reconsider.

Marsh grass path 2  Marsh grass path 3 
These photos were taken immediately after the shot above and are also time-stamped for 8:48. On the left, the second photo of these three, there is nothing. Look clearly at the coastline and water in the area where the orb appears in the first photo. Now, looking at the photo on the right, you’ll see that in the same spot that the orb had appeared, there’s now a point of light. Compare it with the lefthand photo. The light has no obvious source of origin in the background since it would have to be in the water and there is nothing there to generate it.

 Approaching House 1   Approaching House 2
Not so spectacular but this orb (above) appeared in one of the shots we took as approached the house. Again, the shots are side by side and indicate that if it was dust on the camera or something to that effect, it cleared rather quickly. These shots were taken at 8:50 p.m.

Window light
The shots directly above and below were taken at 8:51. In the top right window of the above photo, you can see some sortof light in the window. There is nothing I can think of that would have reflected this light externally. As well, the farmhouse is locked and vacated at night, even with the encampment taking place. As you can see below, the light disappeared in the subsequent photo.

No window light

For orb fans, the next two shots are probably the most extraordinary. Again, I’ve included them to show that if there was dust or dirt on the lense that caused them, it was completely gone in the next shot, taken almost immediately after the first. These shots were taken at 8:53 and 8:54, respectively.

House with orbs  House without orbs
I count at least a dozen orbs in this one shot which vanish by the time that the second shot was taken. What really intrigues me are the orbs which appear in straight line, running top-left to bottom-right. It could be lense flare, but the inclusion of additional orbs in more random patterns around them would point to other factors occurring.

I am very eager to entertain second opinions on these photos and what they may show. If anyone is familiar with MacDonald Farm and has any personal experiences, I would equally love to hear them. The photos you see here represent the bulk of what was taken. It simply got too dark after this to achieve any useful pictures. If given the opportunity in the future, I would like to go back and explore the site further with more equipment and time.

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