MUFON proposes a global UFO Database

Over this past week, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has unveiled a Kickstarter campaign to help them realize their goal of creating a New Global UFO Database. Citing that their existing system is not as optimum as what could be, their goal is to raise $78,000 between now and December 3rd, with which they will begin to design and contract for a new system by which people may report personal UFO sightings.

Already, their members delve into over a thousand reports per month.  This system could help expand their capabilities and provide a user-friendly, cross-platform, truly international reporting system for cataloguing sightings of potentially extraterrestrial craft and unidentified aerial phenomena.

Check out the campaign page for video and a full explanation of the project, then consider lending your support.  Backers can look forward to perks such as T-shirts, memberships and even Christmas ornaments.

[HT: Openminds for story.]


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